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Guide For Buying A French Door Refrigerator

Buying a refrigerating unit is not an easy task. It is kind of technical, yet a shopping good. There are multiple styles of refrigerating units available, but our focus is on a French door refrigerator, which is a combination of both utility and style.

What Makes A French Door Unique

It is the style of the unit, where you get a double door at the top and a freezing unit at the bottom.

The question is, what utility does this style offer that makes it a compelling purchase?

Placement, shape, and design play an important role in what we call the science of ergonomics: where scheming and positioning things in such a way making human interactions most safe and efficient.

The French door style offers you the best ergonomics along with the best expression. A complete side by side style refrigerator is better at arranging the stocks meaning better at the arrangement, whereas the French door is better rated ergonomically.

Types of Refrigerator

Refrigerators come in different shapes. So it is obvious that you take a look at the kinds to know your exact need.

  • Side by Side with Long Doors 

An Outside dispenser for water and ice cubes. Two doors to be opened from the middle left containing compact freezing unit and the right side is the fridge.

  • Single Door with Bottom Freezer 

The up-side-down of the standard refrigerator model that has a small freezing compartment at the bottom. Being at the bottom means you have to pull it out like a drawer, unlike pulling it from the side.

  • Single Door with Top Freezer 

The most common, standard and old version with a small freezing compartment at the top pulled from the side and a big fridge at the bottom.  

  • French Door Refrigerator

Double door with a bottom freezer, top doors are pulled from the middle for refrigeration whereas bottom has the freezing unit which pulls out like a chest drawer. 

  • Standalone Fridge

A single unit fridge with no or very limited freezing compartment contained inside the one big door.

  • Standalone Freezer

A single unit freezer used for frozen foods items only.

Features to Look For

More features meaning more energy. So, being a French door, it does not ensure you the most efficient in terms of energy consumption. In today’s world of technology and disruption, smart operability is not a big deal.

Any electronic device can be controlled by a mobile application. Having a small screen and watching television on the fridge is no more a very appealing feature.

There is a long list of features that reach to a purchaser’s consideration set, but few of the important ones are mentioned below:

  • Icy Dispenser

This does not offer a quick dispensation of ready ice-cubes only but cold filtered water also. French door refrigerators selected models offer LED display.

  • Stacking Space

Organization or proper arrangement when stacking a fridge is important not only because you get more space, but it also defines the utility of the unit in terms of energy performance.

A disorganized fridge not only makes the space more confined but also decreases the efficiency of the unit by cooling less in more time and using more energy. A well-organized unit is better in terms of space availability and efficiency.

Compartment design and space must be supportive of current day stacking of food and food kitchenware to make the functioning more efficient. Adjustable glass shelves feature of a French door refrigerator provides you with more convenience and versatile storage options. Pizza pocket and tuck self are some of the extended features you get in a French door design refrigerator.

  • Perseverance

Humidity or freshness control options are also vital when purchasing a refrigerating unit. Perseverance of the food depends on both type and size. Different foods types have different perseverance cycles, requiring different levels or percentages of humidity.

This is where a French door refrigerator takes the lead, where a double door option helps the consumer to maintain the humidity of the unit. For example, when stacking or picking a good from the fridge compartment from one side, the user does not have to open both the doors every time.

Freezing unit is placed at the bottom and the other refrigerating chest drawers are also separate. Some models feature flexible zone drawers with metal cooling, meaning electronically controlled temperature drawers.

French door refrigerators now come with separate evaporators. Unlike a single door or a complete double-sided door, a French door design offers better utility hence better energy performance. Few models have produced preserver and controlled crispers for humidity.

  • Temperature and Power Cooling Controller

This is a standard feature, more of a default one. Weather seasonality is managed through this controller in different parts of the world but in some French door refrigerators, separate temperature controllers are also available to maintain temperatures according to the type of food stored.

The rapid cooling feature helps in quickly cooling or freezing some food items like recently purchased groceries, beverages or ice cream.

Some models offer efficient low power cooling, controlled with microcomputer controllers and eco-thermal sensors. There is a touch/tap cool select option for a freezer, soft freezing, chill and cool on few models for convenience.

  • Budget Factor

Depends on features, one is looking for. A unit with multiple options is priced in the range of $1500 to $2500 and standard ones with a limited capacity fall under $1500 range. Popular brands with no promotion go above $3000 per unit with full options.

  • SizeSpace

Depends on features, one is looking for. A unit with multiple options is priced in the range of $1500 to $2500 and standard ones with a limited capacity fall under $1500 range. Popular brands with no promotion go above $3000 per unit with full options.

Size of the unit does matter when it comes to the physical features. Space it offers both as a unit and for stacking goods is important when purchasing. These days your refrigerating unit is planned when you are finalizing the style of the kitchen.

This is where any buyer faces a tough decision making, and that is because both Kitchen and refrigerating unit are interdependent or in support of each other to determine the overall impression of the kitchen area.

A refrigerating unit must support not only space, location but also the Kitchen decoration. Some sleek and curvy models offer smooth hinges with maximum flexibility, safety, and design.

  • Noise

Inverter technology is used in some French door refrigerator models making them less noisy. The kitchen location plays an important role when it comes to noise. If there is plenty of ambiance noise already because of your kitchen is close to a living room then a few noisy models can be considered.

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